Valentine’s Style Two Ways: Feminine Sweet and Trendy Chic

I am such a sucker for holidays- who doesn’t love an extra reason to celebrate? And what’s not to love about a day that celebrates love?? Whether it’s love for a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, family, pets, or friends (hello Galentines!), there’s so much to feel good about this Feb 14th. This Valentine’s Day I’ll be spending most of my day in class, but that won’t stop me from celebrating before and after by dressing up in my favorite pinks! Today, I’ve teamed up with one of my lovely galentines, my lovely friend Kaity, to share our personal outfit picks for the day. While I opted for a skirt and flats, Kaity chose a high waisted jeans and some amazing heels (seriously I wish we were the same size so I could steal them!). I really wanted to share our two different looks because there really isn’t a wrong way to dress for Valentine’s, and there are so many awesome options to look lovely with your own style. So, if you need some style inspo for next week’s ~day of love~, take a look at our picks!

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Kaity is one of those gals who could show up to a party in a potato sack and put us all to shame. She doesn’t- but she totally could if she wanted to. Instead, Kaity can usually be found rocking combos that look so effortlessly cool that you have to ask her “where’d you get that and can I steal it?” Her chic style reflects her personality flawlessly, and I’m already trying to figure out how I can dupe her hip Valentine’s day look! (don’t worry- I’ll link some similar items at the end so we can all try to copy her amazing style! :))

Version 2dsc00891

Version 2

Distressed denim, a white silk blouse, maroon heels and a faux suede bag- DANG GIRL, LOOKING GOOD. I love Kaity’s ability to find the perfect balance of casual and sophisticated. Her outfit is so versatile, whether she decides to celebrate Valentine’s with a happy hour or some time in the French Quarter, she’ll be set!

One of my favorite parts of Kaity’s outfit was how perfectly her lip color matched her heels. (Heels which she found in a giveaway box by the way- total thrifty queen!) By coordinating her lips and shoes with a beautiful deep red, she added hints of Valentine’s Day to her outfit while also keeping an understated vibe. Sticking with geometric silver jewelry also dressed up her outfit cohesively.

Version 2

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Love Kaity’s look as much as I do? Shop budget friendly versions down below!

Express Ivory Blouse * on sale for $24 | Joe’s Distressed Boyfriend Jeans * on sale for $80 | Bamboo Burgundy Block Heels for $27 | Target Suede Tote * for $14 | ASOS Silver Bar Necklace * for $58 | Vera Wang Silver Bracelet for $24



Even though it will probably be in the 70s on Valentine’s Day, I just had to pull out my favorite Cupcakes and Cashmere moto jacket. The second it hits below 70 here I try to find any excuse to wear it and then end up sweating but hey, beauty is pain right?? I’ve always tended more toward muted tones in my style, and knew I wanted to be extra sticky sweet and girly for a Valentine’s look. I built this outfit around this blush ONLY skirt I picked up a couple of years ago in Berlin, since it’s one of my favorite colors and I’ve been totally inspired by all the beautiful blush Rachel Broas has been rocking over at Simply Poised. To keep my outfit from being too plain for my taste I used different textures from my closet (pink pleats, white floral eyelets, and soft faux leather). One of the things I love so much about this outfit is all of the subtle details, and how they not only work for Valentine’s Day but also the rest of spring! As Miranda Priestly would lament, “Florals. For Spring? Groundbreaking.”

Version 2Version 2Version 2Version 2

As I mentioned before, I’ll be sitting in class for the better part of Valentine’s Day (mostly in my fave history seminar- History of American Disasters- how romantic!), but I will definitely still make an effort to dress up a little to keep in the spirit. I do totally plan on sporting this red bow again- that’s for sure! I’m also planning on adding a fresh coat of my magenta nail polish. This OPI color ‘Spare Me a French Quarter’ has been a favorite of mine along with ‘Humidi-tea’ because 1. they’re pink and 2. they are from OPI’s New Orleans line and you know I love all things NOLA! Seriously whether it’s the food, style, music, nail polishes, holidays, or instagrams, I love it all.

Version 2Version 2Version 2

For a pink lip to match my skirt I opted for my holy grail combo- Buxom lip crayon in Sydney with Buxom lip cream in White Russian. Although to be honest, I love to where this lip combo even when I’m not wearing pink! If you’re looking to treat yourself to some makeup this Valentine’s Day, definitely check out my list of makeup discount codes first to save you some money! For once, the humidity did me some favors and added some waves to my ‘slept with wet hair the night before’ ‘do, and I added some Not Your Mother’s Soft Waves Spray in an attempt to make them a little less frizzy. Speaking of humidity in February- another perk of this jacket was the ability to unzip my sleeves and let in some extra air! #NewOrleansProbs am I right? Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a slight breeze on Feb 14th!

Love it? Shop it!

Check out these similar finds for my sweet Valentine’s look! ❤

Lulu’s Blush Skirt for $48 | Macy’s Grey Moto Jacket * for $40 | TJ Maxx White Crochet Tank * for $20 | Etsy Red Bow for $6 | Steve Madden Grey Flats * for $35

Yay! Kaity and I had so much fun dressing up and showing off our Valentine’s style. Also, shout out to Avo restaurant on Magazine Street here in New Orleans for providing a lovely natural greenery wall for our fun little photoshoot.

Version 2xo

ohh caroline (& kaity!)

What will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day? Let me know how you let your personal style shine on the holiday in the comments below!

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