30+ Discounts From Beauty YouTubers

About a year ago, I bought a Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette at the Copenhagen Airport’s duty-free zone after eyeing it during multiple trips.
30-beauty-discountsWhen I finally caved and and purchased the pretty little thing, I realized I had no idea what to do with it! I had always enjoyed makeup, but besides some black eyeliner and mascara I really didn’t bother with much else. So, I turned to the ultimate problem solver (well, besides my Mom..): Google. My search led me to a tutorial by KathleenLights, the cutest and most relatable beauty YouTuber. Soon, I was sucked into the blackhole that is the world of beauty vlogging. It’s a magical place but man, does it empty your free time and wallet! Now I watch beauty YouTubers on the daily-seriously it’s an addiction, HELP. I decided I should make that time a little more productive, so I set out on putting
together a little list of discount codes that some of my fave YouTubers have on their favorite brands! That way, maybe we can all save a little moolah on some amazing cosmetics. For some codes I’ve added my top picks. ❤

**Just so you know, most of these codes are affiliate codes for the YouTubers. This means that at no extra cost to you, the YouTuber receives a portion of the sale from the company, so if you aren’t comfortable supporting a certain YouTuber then don’t use their code.**


Kathleen is my OG beauty vlogger. Super cute and down-to-earth, she makes easy to follow and doable makeup tutorials and has some of the best recommendations for both high end and drugstore products. Also, somehow this woman looks incredible in every single lip color known to mankind- ugh, if only! If I could only watch one YouTuber ever again, it would hands down be this chica!

30% off Ofra Cosmetics with code: Kathleen30

10% off Morphe Makeup with code: Kathleenlights

images courtesy of ofracosmetics.com and morphebrushes.com

Jamie Page

25% off Whitening Lightening Beauty with code: PAIGEBEAUTY

25% off Gerard Cosmetics with code: PAIGEBEAUTY

Jaclyn Hill

15% off Velour Lashes with code: JACLYNVELOUR

10% off Sigma Makeup Brushes with code: JACLYN

$$ off Bellami Hair Extensions with code: jaclyn

$160 off Bellami 6 in 1 Curler with code: jaclyn160

$70 off Bellami Straightening Iron: jaclyn70

Elanna Pecherle

I love to watch Elanna’s videos! Elanna creates gorgeous and natural everyday looks with fewer products than most other Youtubers, making her looks super approachable. She also has the most precious vlogs with her husband. Definitely check out her “Husband Does My Voiceover” video.

$$ Luxy Hair Extensions with code: ELANNA5

20% off Luxie Brushes with code: ELLEPEARLS

Free mitt or glove from Loving Tan with code: ELLEPEARLS

images courtesy of luxiebeauty.com, lovingtan.com, and sigmabeauty.com

Casey Holmes

$$ off Foxy Locks Hair Extensions with code: foxycasey

Amy Macedo

10% off Esqido Lashes with code: AMYESQIDO


You may recognize Nikkie from her viral “The Power of Makeup” video in which she applied makeup to only half of her face. Nikkie is seriously an artist, and if you want to see the true power of makeup be sure to check out her Halloween look tutorials.

15% off Jouer Cosmetics with code: Nikkie

images courtesy jouercosmetics.com

Jackie Aina

Jackie is HILARIOUS. Honestly every video of hers makes me laugh because her commentary is so spot on.

$$ off PÜR Cosmetics with code: JACKIE

10% off NailHur press-on nails with code: jackiea

15% off Sacha Makeup with code: JACKIE1

images courtesy of purcosmetics.com, sachacosmetics.com, and nailhur.com

Serein Wu

15% off Nudestix with code: SereinBB15

10% off Leaders Sheet Masks with code: SMIAMI10

Learning to Be Fearless

$$ off My Fantasy Hair Extensions with code: alexandra


15% off Ardency Inn with code: MANNYMUA

15% off Artist Couture Cosmetics with code: MANNYMUA

20% off Nubounsum Lashes with code: MANNYMUA

Laura Lee

15% off COVERFX Cosmetics with code: LAURALEE15

images courtesy of nudestix.com, leaderscosmeticsusa.com, and coverfx.com

Natalie Boucher

10% off Mellow Cosmetics with code: Natalie

15% off L’staj Liquid Lipsticks with code: natalieb

Makeup by Cheryl

20% off iikonn lashes with code: CHERYL

Kendall Alfred

25% off Lipland Cosmetics with code: kendall

Marie Jay

25% off Scentbird Perfumes with code: MJY25

Cydnee Black

70% off Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Brush with code: SpinCB

Young, Wild, & Polished

15% off Girlactik products with code: YWP15

Skincare, lashes, brushes, lipsticks, palettes, perfumes, powders, hair extensions, these YouTubers have you covered! Happy shopping y’all!




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