15 Underrated New Orleans Instagram Accounts

Instagram is by far one of my favorite apps on my phone; whenever my b31318attery is starting to die I can usually blame my endless feed browsing on Instagram or my constant Spotify playing. I especially love using Instagram as a source to discover new places to check out
around New Orleans. This city is jam-packed with amazing creatives, and it definitely shows in NOLA-based insta accounts! While there are a few accounts that have super strong followings in this city, there are still plenty more that deserve some love. If you need some New Orleans inspiration, definitely head on over and check out these grams.

*to help for clarification, I define underrated accounts as those that are not associated with businesses and have under 5k followers.

1. @enthrxned

@enthrxned features absolutely stunning photographs of black women sitting on their own thrones throughout the city of New Orleans. This account celebrates the beauty and strength of New Orleans and the black women who live here and every snapshot they feature is a stunner.

2. @the.preservationist 

An account after my history-loving heart. @the.preservationist shares beautiful pictures of buildings throughout the city in an effort to encourage preservation. The melange of architecture in NOLA is so unique that the account always has fresh features of amazing homes and structures.

3. @fleur.de.liz

Elizabeth’s account features snapshots of beautiful little scenes all around New Orleans with a lovely emphasis on the city’s amazing coffee shop scene. Her photos are bright and cheery, and definitely offer an aesthetically pleasing glimpse into the life of a local creative.

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4. @dominiqueellispr

Dominique’s insta is full of little flashes of details in NOLA restaurants, bars, and street scenes. She also has super adorable dogs so obviously she’s worth a follow.


5. @evie_eats

YUM. @evie_eats is such an underrated food account. She features regular content as well as guest posts from other NOLA foodies and is the perfect place to consult if you’re trying to find where to enjoy your next meal around town.


6. @rebeccaann_photos

Rebecca is a professional photographer, and it absolutely shows on her instagram. She does an incredible job of showcasing parts of New Orleans that can be off the beaten path, and induces serious fomo with every post. Check out her recent posts on a Reveillon dinner at M Bistro and you’ll want to book a reservation ASAP.

7. @sara_gabriellas

As the owner of the absolutely stunning floral shop @antiguafloral, Sara’s account frequently features glimpses into beautiful arrangements that brighten your day every time they pop up in your newsfeed. Her personal account is hip & full of trendy spots around the city you’ll want to explore for yourself as well.

8. @beyondbourbonst

@beyondbourbonst is the instagram account attached to the wonderful Beyond Bourbon St. podcast. The page and podcast feature the history of New Orleans and showcases the city beyond what the typical visitor to NOLA experiences, hence the name. Check out their most recent podcast on HBO’s Treme here.

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Such bright colors! 💕✨

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9. @nowneworleans

I adore Ali Coate’s blog, and her instagram is just as wonderful. She posts daily, so you can always get a dose of what’s happening around the city- whether it’s festivals, dinners, or exhibits!

10. @victoria_barkley

Victoria has an amazing eye for color, and a lot of her posts pair nature and design flawlessly. If you’re looking to add some urban greens to your feed, definitely check out her page.


11. @courtneythetripod

EEP. Who doesn’t love following adorable dogs on instagram? @courtneythetripod is a precious little Pomeranian rescue pup with three legs who wears tiny little clothes around NOLA. I mean what more could you want??

12. @smile_neworleans

A feel good account full of amazing eats. Part original content and part guest posts, there’s a good chance you’ll want to visit everywhere @smile_neworleans goes!

13. @nola_val

Valerie’s instagram is such a hidden gem. She posts gorgeous shots of NOLA super frequently, and will give you serious entryway envy.

14. @limerenceandluck

Emily is a style blogger based in South Louisiana and posts gorgeous outfits around town. She also has some killer beauty pics, definitely a fashionable chica to watch out for!

15. @ohhcarohline

My love for sharing my travels around the world and adventures around this city began with instagram, so of course I’ve gotta give a little shoutout. 😉 Follow along to join me on my excursions!



Well that’s a wrap! What are your favorite local accounts to follow? Let me know below, and definitely be sure to give these wonderful accounts some love! ❤


ohh caroline

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