Best Frozen Treats in New Orleans

Hebest dessert frozen treats ice cream new orleans list ohh caroliney friends! It’s been a bit since I’ve posted- but with the hot temps coming back to New Orleans I decided to do some research outside of my academic obligations and go on a hunt for Nola’s best frozen treats. Still technically research right…? Well, frozen desserts have always been my jam- I still don’t understand why they’re not their own food group. The amazing thing about New Orleans is that there’s always one million and one ways to eat your favorite foods in this city, so if you’re craving an icy treat to temporarily appease melting from the humidity in this swamp we call home, look no further!

*For this post, I selected only frozen desserts that you can get quick-serve style. So, although there are some insanely amazing frozen dessert offerings at many of the nice restaurants here in Nola, these have not been included. Thankfully, that also means most of these are pretty budget and small child friendly!

Dat Ice Roll

Ah yes, the Instagram-famous ice rolls. Ice rolls are ice cream that is made to order on a freezing platter, spread thin, and then scraped into little satisfying rolls of goodness. There are fruity and chocolatey flavors to choose from, and you end up getting a lot of customized ice cream given the price point of $5 a cup. I love that Dat Ice Roll is located at Dat Dog as well, since the colorful courtyard has plenty of seating and is just such a fun place to hang out on a hot day. Plus, if you start to crave something more savory you can just hop on in to Dat Dog and get a gourmet sausage- what’s not to love?

Creole Creamery

I consider Creole Creamery to be the OG of ice cream in Nola. Nothing gets students at Tulane to a meeting quicker than the promise of free Creole- trust me. There are always so many delicious seasonal and permanent flavors to try and I’ve never had a flavor there I don’t like. If you’re a fan of cookies & cream, check out their cookie monster ice

best ice cream creole creamery new orleans where to eat
La Vie en Rosé and Lavender ice cream from Creole Creamery.

cream loaded with cookies and cream and cookie dough- it’s insane. Make sure you’ve got a couple of bills on you however, as this creamery is cash only.

The Company Burger Milkshakes & Milk Bar Milkshakes

So you probably already know that Company Burger has amazing burgers (and a mayo/sauce bar to die for), but have you ever tried their milkshakes? Along with the permanent regular flavors, Company Burger always features a flavor of the month. I’ve tried the butterfinger milkshake and the vietnamese iced coffee milkshake and they were both so satisfying. If you’re looking for a thick and creamy milkshake to go, Company Burger’s your place. If you want a lighter milkshake with some amazing caffeinated options, check out Milk Bar! My fave is the mocha milkshake- yum!!


Sno-la is a fairly new snoball shop that replaced a froyo cafe. Their claim to fame is their “cheesecake stuffed snoball” but if that’s not your vibe (it’s not mine either…) there original snoballs are so yummy. What sets Sno-la apart is its ice cream shop vibe- the menu offers lots of set mixes and creations you can order as opposed to the traditional ‘pick a syrup’ vibe most snoball places offer. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out Sno-la, if you’re feeling classic, definitely hop over to Plum Street (see below). The best part of Sno-la: it’s open year round unlike many snoball places. So, when that inevitable 85 degree December day comes around you can still get our snoball fix!

strawberry snoball dessert new orleans best frozen treats desserts snola
Strawberry lemonade snoball with strawberries and gummy bears from Snola.

Drip Affogato Bar

Oh Drip, I’m obsessed with you. Every time someone comes to town, I bring them to Drip Affogato Bar in the CBD. At Drip, there are menu options for ice cream creations that are then served with a corresponding hot pour over like espresso, matcha, hot chocolate, or vietnamese coffee. The ice cream is custom made by Creole Creamery for Drip so you know all the flavors are going to be delicious. While a more expensive treat than others on this list, Drip puts you in the heart of the hip and young CBD and is a perfect insta-worthy place to bring guests and friends. My sister loved it so much she ordered us the flight!

drip affogato bar, ice cream, coffee, best frozen desserts new orleans
Valentines affogato with a chocolate strawberry.

Piccola Gelateria

Piccola Gelateria is still a fairly new kid on Freret but it’s made a huge impression. With a five star Yelp rating, you know you’re getting something delicious! The store is really welcoming and always full of locals. If you love chocolate you need to try their nutella gelato- trust me.


If I lived in the same neighborhood as Meltdown I’m pretty sure all of my money would be spent on popsicles. Seriously, it’s dangerous. Meltdown pops are made from all natural ingredients and are a perfect guilt-free frozen treat. I was so excited to find out about Meltdown since I fell in love with gourmet popsicles this summer in Budapest, and I’ll definitely be going back before I graduate. Be sure to check if they’re open on their Facebook page before you go, as the shop has flexible hours since its proprietor is a working mom.

gourmet popsicle New Orleans best frozen treats.
Blueberry, lavender, and coconut milk pop from Meltdown.

Angelo Brocato’s

king cake gelato at Angelo Brocatos in New Orleans, best frozen treats
King cake gelato with a chocolate florentine from Angelo Brocatos.

If Creole is the OG Nola ice cream, Angleo Brocato’s is the OG Nola gelato. Seriously, this place is authentic. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Italian pastries so I mainly stick to their gelato selection but if you do happen to crave a cannoli, this is where to get it. Their gelato is perfectly dense, and the quaint setup inside the store makes it such a charming mom and pop. Don’t be surprised when you see a line out the door on the weekend- this place is pop-u-lar!


Plum Street Snoballs

Okay so what’s more refreshing on a hot day than flavored ice? Not much, no wonder snoballs are so popular in New Orleans! Plum Street is my absolute favorite snoball shop in New Orleans. When you go here, whether you live a couple blocks away or on the other side of the city, you feel like you’re part of the neighborhood. Treat snoballs as a daytime treat- Plum Street, like many others, is only open until 7pm. A medium snoball will run you about $3 (cash only) and provides more than enough refreshment. They have tons of flavor options (sugar-free included), as well as some toppings. Plus, their sign makes for a wonderful photo-op!

New Orleans Plum Street snoball.
Kiwi, blue raspberry, and watermelon snoball from Plum Street.

Ice Cream 504

If you want to go to a real neighborhood ice cream joint while in Nola, check out Ice Cream 504. The owner is so kind, and the whole shop feels retro. All of the ice creams are made in house with natural ingredients, and their coffee flavor is my absolute fave! If you’re feeling up for the challenge, upgrade to a sundae.

ice cream sundae new orleans best frozen treats desserts
Ice cream sundae from Ice Cream 504.

WOW. So many delicious options in New Orleans- you seriously can’t go wrong! Do you have a favorite place for frozen desserts in Nola? Let me know below!


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